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Sonic Builders Club Library

 NameRelease DateDetails PageVideo LinkDownloadable Files
Micro RC 1701 Refit Starship Enterprise09/30/16DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE

SimpleSonic Projects

SimpleSonic Projects are a small sample chosen from the Premium SonicDad Projects to give you a taste of some of community's favorite projects. We hope you enjoy!

 NameRelease DateDetails PageVideo LinkDownloadable Files
Project #82
Sonic Lego Minifigure Parachute
03/11/17DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #62
Sonic Action Figure Parachute
08/25/14DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #58
Rattlesnake Eggs Prank
05/03/14DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #54
Sonic Solar Night Light
01/27/14DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #50
Sonic Crossbow
10/13/13DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #48
Sonic Mini Monocopter
09/09/13DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #46
Sonic Spy Squirt Gun
08/12/13DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE
Project #1
Indoor Boomerang
11/07/11DetailsDemo VideoLogin & Download
for FREE